Multiple statistical approaches to establish regionally representative field station network


Figure: Coefficient of Divergence, Coefficient of Determination and Mutual Information Plot for SJCE Mysuru (top) and NEIST Jorhat (bottom) sites.

Under NCAP-COALESCE, measurements from a field network of eleven strategically chosen regional sampling sites across India, will be used for source apportionment through multi-variate factor-analytic methods. Physical siting criteria, trajectory ensemble and wind-rose approaches, along with a suite of statistical approaches including coefficient of divergence (CoD), coefficient of determination (r 2 ) and mutual information (MI) analysis, is used on satellite derived PM-2.5 on a 10 km grid. Criteria for regional representativeness rely on combined low CoD and high r 2 values and, additionally, on MI to quantify potential nonlinear relationships.

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